About Us

The word “Somni” comes from an Old Catalan word meaning “dream.”

That’s exactly what Somni Tapas Restaurant & Bar represents, the lifelong dreams of two brothers, Luis and Manuel Naula.

Somni Tapas Restaurant & Bar proudly offers authentic cuisine from a variety of countries, including a robust tapas menu ideal for sharing. Even more than scrumptious meals, the brothers offer their guests an opportunity to escape into their own dreams of relaxation, friendship, and family.

With an expansive outdoor patio, a spacious dining room, and an expansive bar (manned by skilled mixologists, of course), Somni is the ideal gathering place to forge new friendships, deepen existing connections, and enjoy the often elusive dream of bonding, fine food, and easy laughter.

Whatever your dreams may be, you can enjoy them at Somni.

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